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Any paper can be considered for the best conference paper award. This edition will have the following awards:

  • Jean Pierre Le Cadre Award for Best Technical paper.
  • Best Student Paper

Best paper

Award Authors Title
Best Paper Gerhard Kurz, Igor Gilitschenski and Uwe Hanebeck Deterministic Approximation of Circular Densities with Symmetric Dirac Mixtures Based on Two Circular Moments
Best Paper Runner-up Rong Yang, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Jack Hong’an Huang and Gee Wah Ng Interacting Multiple Model Unscented Gauss-Helmert Filter for Bearings-only Tracking with State-Dependent Propagation Delay
Best Paper Second Runner-up Vesselin Jilkov, X. Rong Li and Jeffrey Ledet Improved Estimation of Conflict Probability for Aircraft Collision Avoidance

Best student paper

Award Authors Title
Best Student Paper Stephan Reuter, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo and Klaus Dietmayer Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Random Finite Sets
Best Student Paper Runner-up Igor Gilitschenski, Gerhard Kurz, Uwe Hanebeck and Simon J. Julier A New Probability Distribution for Simultaneous Representation of Uncertain Position and Orientation
Best Student Paper Second Runner-up Amirali Khodadadian Gostar, Reza Hoseinnezhad and Alireza Bab-Hadiashar Sensor Control for Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter

Travel Grants

Authors Title
Juho Kokkala, Arno Solin and Simo Särkkä Expectation Maximization Based Parameter Estimation by Sigma-Point and Particle Smoothing
Victor Romero Cano, Gabriel Agamennoni and Juan Nieto A Variational Approach to Simultaneous Tracking and Classification of Multiple Objects
Daniel Lubey and Daniel Scheeres Supplementing State and Dynamics Estimation with Information from Optimal Control Policies