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Accommodation grant

BISITE/GIAA research group ( of the University of Salamanca offers 50 accommodation grants to PhD students and young researchers, covering the accommodation during conference in a student residence or a hotel. Application rules are appear at conference website.

The granted students will take active part in activities organized during the conference.

Deadline for application subimission: June 19th, 2014.

Call Rules

  1. Number: 50 grants/awards are offered.
  2. Amount: the funds will cover accommodation during the conference. The accommodation will be in a residence. Each grant recipient shall receive a diploma.
  3. Accommodation address: To be defined
  4. Making the grant/award request: Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:
    1. Subject: GRANT FUSION 2014
    2. Body: First name, Last name, Affiliation, indicate whether you are a doctor or doctoral student.
    3. Attach a PDF file with the following information:
      1. Last name
      2. First Name
      3. National Identity Number (or passport)
      4. Postal address, including Post Code, Telephone (mobile if possible), email and URL.
      5. University / Centre
      6. Research group
      7. Thesis director
      8. Thesis title (presented or in – tentative – development)
      9. Titles and authors of articles sent to FUSION 2014 (includingg Special Sessions - Please indicate the name of the Special Session for each article)
      10. Other information. Include information considered relevant for supporting the grant/award request in terms of evaluation criteria described in Section 7
    4. Dates: 6th to 10th July, 2014
  5. Evaluation Panel: The evaluation will be carried out by members of the BISITE research group of the University of Salamanca and the final decision will be revised by the Co-Chairs of the FUSION Programme Committee or whoever they delegate to do so.
  6. Requirements: Applicants should be registered for the FUSION 2014 event in which they have publications accepted.
  7. Evaluation Criteria:
    1. The quality of the contribution/s shall be taken into account and, as such, the evaluation of the article reviewers shall be used for assessment purposes.
    2. Every attempt shall be made to distribute the grants/awards evenly among institutions.
    3. 25% of the grants/awards shall be reserved for those research groups with a high number of presentations both in FUSION 2014 (including Special Sessions).
    4. 25% of the grants will be reserved for doctoral students with works of high quality and who belong to research groups with limited funding.