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In the year 1218 king Alfonso IX of Leon founded the University of Salamanca, which is considered to be the oldest Spanish universities in existence. The University of Salamanca is of medium size with 26,746 registered students in the first and second cycles of the 2006/07 course and 26,828 in the 2007/2008 course, (in nineteenth position among public universities (UUPP)  according to the publication of CRUE, The Spanish University in Figures 2008). If we add to this figure the number of registered students in, University Masters, doctorate programmes and further studies, the figure surpasses 30,000 students. The University of Salamanca has always prided itself on its ability to attract students from outside of "its natural market". According to the publication The Spanish University in Figures 2008,The University of Salamanca is thesecond university in the country to attract more students from outside it's region, following closely behind Lleida. 43% of our new students in the classes of 2006/2007 were born outside of the Castille and Leon. This characteristic of the university has become more pronounced in recent years.

Research activities

Research Activity
Research as an extended source of information in all areas of study is one of the main aims of the University of Salamanca and prides itself on its enthusiasm and efficiency.

Research Units
Research structures of the University: Research Groups, Departments, University Institutes, Associated Centres and Societies.

Research schemes and programs
Main plans and programs in the university field, autonomous research and national and international research.

Platform for Research Support at the University of Salamanca which brings a total of 20 services highly specialized staffed and equipped with the latest technology.

Research Development Agency
Get to know about the scientific activities in our University Community. Learn about different projects, research aids and research agreements.

Transfer Office of Research Results (OTRI)
Information about the services offered by the Transfer Office of Research Results to both researchers and companies.

Scientific Park of The University of Salamanca
A physical space dedicated to research in humanities and technical studies and to provide services to enable companies to achieve success in R&D.

Centre for Innovation and business ventures (CIDE)
CIDE supports and contributes to business development, development projects and advises entrepreneurs.