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Sergio A. Velastin - Computing and Information Systems, Kingston University London (United Kingdom)

Sergio A. Velastin Sergio A. Velastin - University of Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Full Visiting Professor at the University of Kingston (United Kingdom) and University Carlos III of Madrid

Title: The potential of fusion in computer vision applications


There are many computer vision applications that can benefit from the fusion of data and information at various levels of processing. For example, even for a monocular image it is possible to extract different image features such as edges, local neighborhood histograms, texture, transforms (Fourier, wavelet, …), etc. and it is important to define how these heterogeneous features could be combined to aid image interpretation. In the context of multiple cameras (possibly of different image modalities such as visible light, infrared, 3D) providing different views of the same phenomena, we need methods to relate the data obtained from each sensor into common frames of reference (registration) and then to combine such data in ways that take into account sensor characteristics and noise levels. Typical scenarios in computer vision include multimodal medical diagnosis, multicamera visual surveillance and multisensor ambient intelligence applications. The talk will give a number of examples of how fusion is being used in computer vision by various research teams in different parts of the world.


Sergio A Velastin is a research professor at the University of Santiago de Chile. He also is a holder of a Chair of Excellence in the Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Group at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. He trained and worked most of his life in the UK where he became Professor in Applied Computer Vision at Kingston University and where he was also director of the Digital Imaging Research Centre. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Senior Member of the IEEE where he was member of the Board of Governors of the Intelligent Transportation Society (IEEE-ITSS). Sergio has worked for many years in the field of artificial vision and its application to improve public safety especially in public transport systems. He co-founded Ipsotek Ltd and has worked, on projects with transport authorities in London, Rome, Paris etc in several EU Framework Programme projects.