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Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

Main track

Data association

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 1
Chair: Wolfgang Koch

  • (120) Roy Streit - Generating Function Derivation of the PDA Filter
  • (262) Arsène Fansi Tchango, Vincent Thomas, Olivier Buffet, Alain Dutech, and Fabien Flacher - Tracking Multiple Interacting Targets Using a Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter
  • (177) Viet Duc Nguyen, and Tim Claussen - Individual-Gating-by-Sorting in MHT
  • (195) Victor Romero-Cano, Gabriel Agamennoni, and Juan Nieto - A Variational Approach to Simultaneous Tracking and Classification of Multiple Objects
  • (245) Shozo Mori, Hui Hoang, Constantino Rago, Michael J. Shea, Patricia L. Davey, Pablo O. Arambel, Chee-Yee Chong, and Steve J. Alter - Group State Estimation Algorithm Using Foliage Penetration GMTI Radar Detections

Distributed tracking

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 2
Chair: Felix Govaers

  • (362) Sandeep Katragadda, Juan C. SanMiguel, and Andrea Cavallaro - Consensus protocols for distributed tracking in wireless camera networks
  • (309) Venkata Pathuri Bhuvana, Mario Huemer, and Carlo S. Regazzoni - Distributed Object Tracking based on Square Root Cubature H-infinity Information Filter
  • (323) Samir Hachour, François Delmotte, and David Mercier - A Distributed Solution for Multi-Object Tracking and Classification
  • (14) Hua Lan, Yan Liang, Zengfu Wang, Feng Yang, and Quan Pan - A Distributed Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for OTHR Multipath Target Tracking


Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 3
Chair: Jean Dezert

  • (11) Stefano Coraluppi, Craig Carthel, Samuel J. Dickerson, Donald Chiarulli, and Steven Levitan - Feature-Aided Multiple-Hypothesis Tracking and Classification of Biological Cells
  • (111) G. Golino, A. Graziano, A. Farina, W. Mellano, and F. Ciaramaglia - Comparison of identity fusion algorithms using estimations of confusion matrices
  • (275) Wen Cao, Jian Lan, and X. Rong Li - Joint Tracking and Classification Based on Recursive Joint Decision and Estimation Using Multi-Sensor Data
  • (313) Yongxin Gao, Yu Liu, and X. Rong Li - Tracking-Aided Target Classification Using Multi-Hypothesis Sequential Test

Sensor registration

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 5
Chair: Robert Lynch

  • (93) Lingji Chen, and Ravi Ravichandran - Automated Track Projection Bias Removal Using Frechet Distance and Road Networks
  • (142) Hongyan Zhu, Chen Wang, Wen Jiang, Chongzhao Hand, and Yan Lin - Integrated Data Association and Bias Estimation in the Presence of Missed Detections
  • (213) Junjun Guo, Xianghui Yuan, and Chongzhao Han - A time-differential measurement based algorithm for multi-sensor target tracking
  • (265) Young-Woo Seo, and Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar - Detection and Tracking of Boundary of Unmarked Roads
  • (296) Cheng Cheng, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Quan Pan, and Vincent Calmettes - A Marginalized Likelihood Ratio Approach for Detecting and Estimating Multipath Biases on GNSS Measurements

Distributed Fusion 1

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Room 1
Chair: Moises Sudit

  • (13) Adrian N. Bishop - Information Fusion via the Wasserstein Barycenter in the Space of Probability Measures: Direct Fusion of Empirical Measures and Gaussian Fusion with Unknown Correlation
  • (19) Pankaj Malhotra, Puneet Agarwal, and Gautam Shroff - Incremental Entity Fusion from Linked Documents
  • (352) Sayandeep Acharya, Ji Wang, and Moshe Kam - Distributed Decision Fusion using the Neyman-Pearson Criterion
  • (248) Huimin Chen, Vesselin P. Jilkov, and X. Rong Li - Optimizing Decision Fusion in the Presence of Byzantine Data
  • (385) Yongxin Gao, X. Rong Li, and Enbin Song - Robust Linear Estimation Fusion with Allowable Unknown Cross-Covariance

Multi-target tracking 1

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Room 0
Chair: Stefano Coraluppi

  • (415) Mengqi Ren, and Ruixin Niu - A New Joint Sequential Object Detection and Tracking Approach and Its Performance Analysis
  • (179) Aziz Dziri, Marc Duranton, and Roland Chapuis - Low Complexity Multi-Target Tracking for Embedded Systems
  • (24) Lawrence D. Stone, and Stephen L. Anderson - Multiple Target Tracking with Quantized Measurements:A Standard Bayesian Approach
  • (206) Uzair Khan, Darko Mušicki, and Taek Lyul Song - A Fixed Lag Smoothing IPDA Tracking in Clutter
  • (214) Shiyou Xu, Chaojing Tang, Peiliang Jing, and Zengping Chen - Efficient centralized track initiation method for multistatic radar

Situation Assessment

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Room 2
Chair: Alan Steinberg

  • (158) Hildegarde Koen, JP de Villiers, Gregor Pavlin, Alta de Waal, Patrick de Oude, and Franck Mignet - A framework for inferring predictive distributions of rhino poaching events through causal modelling
  • (165) Virginia Fernandez Arguedas, Giuliana Pallottay, and Michele Vespe - Automatic Generation of Geographical Networks for Maritime Traffic Surveillance
  • (258) Maria Riveiro, Mikael Lebram, and Håkan Warston - On visualizing threat evaluation configuration processes: a design proposal
  • (321) Magnus Jändel, Pontus Svenson, and Ronnie Johansson - Fusing restricted information
  • (299) Eric Little, Mark Wallace, and Scott Camden - Enabling Portable Cloud-based Semantics for Fusing Intelligence Analysis at the Tactical Edge

Video surveillance

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Room 3
Chair: Carlo Regazzoni

  • (44) Yechuan Yeo, Xinghu Zhang, and Rong Yang - A Perception System for Obstacle Detection and Tracking in Rural, Unstructured Environment
  • (104) Jason J. Ford, Timothy L. Molloy, and Joanne L. Hall - Compressed sensing using hidden Markov models with application to vision based aircraft tracking
  • (168) Andrea Mazzù, Simone Chiappino Lucio Marcenaro, and Carlo S. Regazzoni - A switching fusion filter for dim point target tracking in infra-red video sequences
  • (347) S. Wang, J. Orwell, and G. Hunter - Evaluation of Bayesian and Dempster-Shafer Approaches to Fusion of Video Surveillance Information
  • (231) Vesselin P. Jilkov, X. Rong Li, and Jeffrey H. Ledet - Improved Estimation of Conflict Probability for Aircraft Collision Avoidance

Uncertainty Management

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Room 5
Chair: Subrata Das

  • (75) Jean Dezert, Albena Tchamova, Deqiang Han, and Jean-Marc Tacnet - Can we trust subjective logic for information fusion?
  • (130) Shang Shang, Tiance Wang, Paul Cuff, and Sanjeev Kulkarni - The Application of Differential Privacy for Rank Aggregation: Privacy and Accuracy
  • (401) Todd Martin, and Kuo-Chu Chang - Situational awareness uncertainty impacts on Dynamic Spectrum Access performance
  • (428) Marcos P. Gerardo-Castro, Thierry Peynot, Fabio Ramos, and Robert Fitch - Robust Multiple-Sensing-Modality Data Fusion using Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces
  • (135) Norikazu Ikoma, and Hiromu Hasegawa - Fusion of Multi-modal Features in Particle Filter with Dual Weight of Belief and Plausibility for Track-Before-Detect Multiple Target Tracking

Decision Support

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Alan Steinberg

  • (325) Claudine Conrado, and Patrick de Oude - Scenario-Based Reasoning and Probabilistic Models for Decision Support
  • (189) Johan Schubert, and Pontus Hörling - Preference-based Monte Carlo Weight Assignment for Multiple-criteria Decision Making in Defense Planning
  • (10) SSaid Broumi, and Florentin Smarandache - New Distance and Similarity Measures of Interval Neutrosophic Sets
  • (68) Francesco Castaldo, Francesco A.N. Palmieri, Vahid Bastani, Lucio Marcenaro, and Carlo Regazzoni - Abnormal Vessel Behavior Detection in Port Areas Based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  • (85) Nageswara S. V. Rao, Chris Y. T. Ma, Fei He, Jun Zhuang, and David K. Y. Yau - Cyber-Physical Correlations for Infrastructure Resilience: A Game-Theoretic Approach

Distributed Fusion 2

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Room 1
Chair: James Llinas

  • (397) Ji Wang, Pramod Abichandani, and Moshe Kam - Decision Fusion for Parallel Sequential Sensors
  • (400) Jingyang Lu, and Ruixin Niu - False Information Injection Attack on Dynamic State Estimation in Multi-Sensor Systems
  • (270) Claire Laudy, Johann Dreo, and Christophe Gouguenheim - Applying MapReduce principle to High level information fusion
  • (17) Bin Jia, Khanh D. Pham, Erik Blasch, Dan Shen, Zhonghai Wang, and Genshe Chen - Cooperative Space Object Tracking using Consensus- based Filters
  • (3) Qiang Zhang, Meiqin Liu, Senlin Zhang, and Huayan Chen - Node Topology Effect on Target Tracking Based on Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Multi-target tracking 2

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Room 0
Chair: Stefano Coraluppi

  • (56) Tuyet Vu member, and Rob Evans Fellow - A New Performance metric for Multiple target tracking based on Optimal Subpattern Assignment
  • (76) Michael Mertens, and Robert Kohlleppel - Ground Target Tracking with Experimental Data of the PAMIR System
  • (129) Eui-Hyuk Lee, Darko Mušicki, and Taek Lyul Song - Multi-Sensor Distributed Fusion Based on Integrated Probabilistic Data Association
  • (374) Ping Wang, and Khurram Shafique - Target Perceivability for Multi-frame Multi-target Tracking
  • (236) Ting Cheng, X. Rong Li, and Zishu He - Comparison of Gating Techniques for Maneuvering Target Tracking in Clutter

Dempster-Shafer type related methods

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Room 5
Chair: Florentine Smarandache

  • (105) Faouzi Sebbak, Farid Benhammadi, M’hamed Mataoui, Sofiane Bouznad, and Yacine Amirat - An Alternative Combination Rule for Evidential Reasoning
  • (166) Jiaojiao Tian, and Peter Reinartz - Dempster-Shafer fusion based building change detection from satellite stereo imagery
  • (267) Deqiang Han, Jean Dezert, and Yi Yang - Evaluations of Evidence Combination Rules in Terms of Statistical Sensitivity and Divergence
  • (395) Rafael C. Núñez, Manohar N. Murthi, and Kamal Premaratne - Efficient Computation of DS-Based Uncertain Logic Operations and its Application to Hard and Soft Data Fusion
  • (249) Xiaolu Ke, Liyao Ma, and Yong Wang - When and to what extent should two belief functions be discounted?

SS01-ETUR - Evaluation of Technologies for Uncertainty Reasoning

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Sala Menor
Chair: Paulo Costa

  • (21) Valentina Dragos - Assessment of uncertainty in soft data: a case study
  • (79) Erik Blasch, Audun Jøsang, Jean Dezert, Paulo C. G. Costa, and Anne-Laure Jousselme - URREF Self-Confidence in Information Fusion Trust
  • (319) Max Krüger - Detection of Failing Sensors by Conflicting Evidence in Bayesian Classification
  • (326) J. P. de Villiers, G. Pavlin, P. Costa, K. Laskey, and A.-L. Jousselme - A URREF interpretation of Bayesian network information fusion
  • (382) Anne-Laure Jousselme, Anne-Claire Boury-Brisset, Benoît Debaque, and Donald Prévost - Characterization of hard and soft sources of information: A practical illustration

SS02-DA - Data Assimilation for Big Data

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Room 2
Chair: Dr. Masaya M. Saito and Dr. Hiroshi Kato

  • (294) Hiromichi Nagao - What is Required for Data Assimilation that is Applicable to Big Data in the Solid Earth Science?
  • (66) Hiroshi Kato - An Approach to Representing Turbulent Flows by Data Assimilation
  • (402) B. Balasingam, M. S. Sankavaram, K. Choi, D. F. M. Ayala, D. Sidoti, K. Pattipati and P. Willett, C. Lintz, G. Commeau, F. Dorigo, and J. Fahrny - Online Anomaly Detection in Big Data
  • (98) Kamil Dedecius, and Vladimira Sečkárová - Distributed Modelling of Big Dynamic Data with Generalized Linear Models
  • (399) Masaya M. Saito, Seiya Imoto, Rui Yamaguchi, Satoru Miyano, and Tomoyuki Higuchi - Parameter estimation in multi-compartment SIR model

SS03-PHSIF - Progress in hard and soft information fusion

Session 1

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: David Hall

  • (125) Kui Wu, Wenyin Tang and K.Z. Mao, Gee-Wah Ng, and Lee Onn Mak - Semantic-level Fusion of Heterogenous Sensor Network and Other Sources Based on Bayesian Network
  • (185) Jeff Rimland, David Hall, and Steven Shaffer - A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Developing Software for Hard and Soft Information Fusion
  • (187) Jacob Graham, William R. Grace, and A. Kiran Sridhara - Beyond SYNCOIN: Informational Requirements for the Three-Block War
  • (228) Donald J. Bucci, Sayandeep Acharya, and Moshe Kam - Performance of M-ary Soft Fusion Systems Using Simulated Human Responses
  • (229) Donald J. Bucci, Sayandeep Acharya, Timothy J. Pleskacy, and Moshe Kam - Performance of Probability Transformations Using Simulated Human Opinions

Session 2

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: James Llinas

  • (232) Erik Blasch, James Nagy, Alex Aved, William M. PottengerMichael Schneider, Riad Hammoud, Eric K. Jones, Arslan Basharat, Anthony Hoogs, Genshe Chen, Dan Shen, and Haibin Ling - Context aided Video-to-Text Information Fusion
  • (238) Geoff A. Gross, Ketan Date, Daniel R. Schlegel, Jason J. Corso, James Llinas, Rakesh Nagi, and Stuart C. Shapiro - Systemic Test and Evaluation of a Hard+Soft Information Fusion Framework
  • (239) Ketan Date, Geoff A. Gross, and Rakesh Nagi - Test and Evaluation of Data Association Algorithms in Hard+Soft Data Fusion
  • (384) Ranga Dabarera, Rafael C. Núñez, Kamal Premaratne, and Manohar N. Murthi - Dynamics of Belief Theoretic Agent Opinions Under Bounded Confidence
  • (409) Guoray Cai, and Jake Graham - Semantic Data Fusion Through Visually-enabled Analytical Reasoning

SS05-MLF - Multi-Level Fusion: bridging the gap between high and low level fusion

Session 1

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Sala Menor
Chair: Lauro Snidaro

  • (6) Horacio Paggi, Éloi Bossé, Mihai Cristian Florea, and Basel Solaiman - On The Use of Holonic Agents In The Design Of Information Fusion Systems
  • (18) Zhuoyun Ao, Jason Scholz, and Martin Oxenham - A Scientific Inquiry Fusion Theory for High-Level Information Fusion
  • (157) Dave Braines, Alun Preece, Geeth de Mel, and Tien Pham - Enabling CoIST Users: D2D at the Network Edge
  • (174) Daniel de Leng, and Fredrik Heintz - Towards On-Demand Semantic Event Processing for Stream Reasoning

Session 2

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Sala Menor
Chair: Jesús García

  • (301) Joachim Biermann, Jesus Garcia, Ksawery Krenc, Vincent Nimier, Kellyn Rein, and Lauro Snidaro - Multi-level Fusion of Hard and Soft Information
  • (317) Valentina Dragos, and Kellyn Rein - Integration of soft data for information fusion: pitfalls, challenges and trends
  • (351) David Griol, José Manuel Molina, and Jesús García-Herrero - Processing and fusioning multiple heterogeneous information sources in multimodal dialog systems
  • (394) Cheol Young Park, Kathryn Blackmond Laskey, Paulo C. G. Costa, and Shou Matsumoto - Predictive Situation Awareness Reference Model using Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks

SS08-IIF - Intelligent Information Fusion

Session 1

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 4
Chair: Javier Bajo

  • (16) Xin-de Li, Jin-dong Pan, and Jean Dezert - Automatic Aircraft Recognition using DSmT and HMM
  • (22) Xiao-Hong Yu, Qing-Jun Zhou, Yan-Li Li, Jin An, and Zhi-Cheng Liu - A New Self-Adaptive Fusion Algorithm Based on DST and DSmT
  • (55) Ralf Bruns, Jurgen Dunkel, Holger Billhardt, Marin Lujak, and Sascha Ossowski - Using Complex Event Processing to Support Data Fusion for Ambulance Coordination
  • (101) Zhao Chunhui, Wang Rongzhi, Zhang Tianwu, and Pan Quan - Visual Odometry and Scene Matching Integrated Navigation System in UAV
  • (196) Zhun-ga Liua, Quan Pan, Gregoire Mercier, and Jean Dezert - Pattern classification with missing data using belief functions

Session 2

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 16.00 - 17.40, Room 4
Chair: Javier Bajo

  • (201) Sigeru Omatu, Daigo Hayashi, and Mitsuaki Yano - Odor Classification of Wines by UsingNeural Networks
  • (203) Sara Rodríguez, Carolina Zato, Tiancheng Li, and Juan Manuel Corchado, - Fusion System based on Multi-agent Systems to merge data from WSN
  • (297) Liang Yu,Yong-mei Cheng, Lin Song, Zhun-ga Liu, and Ke-zhe Chen - Underwater Acoustic Multi-target Recognition Algorithm Based on Hierarchical Information Fusion Structure
  • (304) Antonio Juan Sánchez Martín, Fernando De La Prieta Pintado, and Giovanni De Gasperis - Fixing and evaluating texts: Mixed text reconstruction method for data fusion environments
  • (322) Emilia López-Iñesta, Miguel Arevalillo-Herráez, and Francisco Grimaldo - Classification-based multimodality fusion approach for similarity ranking

Session 3

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Room 4
Chair: Juan M. Corchado

  • (330) Gabriel Villarrubia, Juan Francisco De Paz Santana, Fernando De la Prieta, and Javier Bajo - Hybrid Indoor Location System for Museum Tourist Routes in Augmented Reality
  • (337) Gabriel Villarrubia, Juan Francisco De Paz Santana, Javier Bajo, and Juan M. Corchado - Open multi-agent architecture for information fusion
  • (356) Pablo Chamoso, Alberto Pérez, Sara Rodríguez, Juan M. Corchado, Mireia Sempere, Ramón Rizo, Fidel Aznar, and Mar Pujol - Modeling Oil-Spill Detection with Multirotor Systems Based on Multi-Agent Systems
  • (84) Claudio Farias, Luci Pirmez, Flávia Delicato, Luiz Carmo, Wei Li, Albert Y. Zomaya, and José N. de Souza - Multisensor Data Fusion in Shared Sensor and Actuator Networks
  • (419) Alvaro Luis Bustamante, Jose M. Molina, and Miguel A. Patricio - Information fusion as input source for improving multi-agent system autonomous decision-making in maritime surveillance scenarios

SS10-IFMBS - Information Fusion in Multi-Biometric Systems

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014, 18.10 - 19.50, Room 3
Chair: Moazzam Butt

  • (73) R. Raghavendra, and Christoph Busch - Robust 2D/3D face mask presentation attack detection scheme by exploring multiple features and comparison score level fusion
  • (204) Moazzam Butt, Naser Damer, and Christian Rathgeb - Privacy Preserved Duplicate Check using Multi-biometric Fusion
  • (329) Naser Damer, Alexander Opel, and Alexander Nouak - CMC Curve Properties and Biometric Source Weighting in Multi-Biometric Score-level Fusion
  • (141) Daniele Landro, Giovanni De Gasperis, Giuseppe Stifano, and Guido Macchiarelli - An adaptive learning agent integrated in a collaborative portal for advanced training in the biomedical field
  • (412) Audun Jøsang, and Thorvald H. Munch-Møller - Biometric Data Fusion Based on Subjective Logic

Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

Main track

Particle Filters

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Sala Menor
Chair: Subrata Das

  • (89) Fernando J. Iglesias García, Mélanie Bocquel, and Hans Driessen - Advanced IP-MCMC-PF Design Ingredients
  • (122) Ángel F. García-Fernández, Ba-Ngu Vo, and Ba-Tuong Vo - MCMC-based posterior independence approximation for RFS multitarget particle filters
  • (119) T.J. Mateo Sanguino, and F. Ponce Gómez - Evaluation of a Dispersion-based Adaptive Strategy using KinectTM and Dynamic Particle Filter
  • (252) Praveen B. Choppala, Paul D. Teal, and Marcus R. Frean - Particle filter parallelisation using random network based resampling
  • (146) Jaebum Choi, and Markus Maurer - Hybrid Map-based SLAM with Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters


Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 3
Chair: Antonio Zea

  • (178) Marek Schikora, Daniel Bender, and Wolfgang Koch - Airborne Emitter Tracking by Fusing Heterogeneous Bearing Data
  • (131) Wenjie Xu, Franc ̧ois Quitin, Mei Leng, Wee Peng Tay, and Sirajudeen G. Razul - Distributed Localization of a Non-cooperative RF Target in NLOS Environments
  • (145) Christoph Degen, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang Koch - Emitter Localization Under Multipath Propagation Using a Likelihood Function Decomposition that is Linear in Target Space
  • (67) Viktor Deleskog, Hans Habberstad, Gustaf Hendeby, David Lindgren, and Niklas Wahlströn - Robust NLS Sensor Localization using MDS Initialization

Track -Before Detect

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 5
Chair: Wolfgang Koch

  • (218) Rui Liu, Wei Yi, Lingjiang Kong, and Xiaobo Yang - Recursive Filtering for Target Tracking in Multi-frame Track-Before-Detect
  • (114) Gozde Sahin, and Mubeccel Demirekler - A Multi-Dimensional Hough Transform Algorithm Based on Unscented Transform as a Track-Before-Detect Method
  • (240) Augustin-Alexandru Saucan, Christophe Sintes, Thierry Chonavel, and Jean-Marc Le Caillec - Robust, track before detect particle filter for bathymetric sonar application
  • (253) Fei Cai, Hongqi Fan, and Qiang Fu - Track-before-detect filter for sensors with point spread function using thresholded measurements
  • (335) B. Fortin, R. Lherbier, and J.C. Noyer - A Track-Before-Detect Approach for Extended Target Tracking in Multi-Lidar Systems using a Low-Level Centralized Fusion Framework

PHD filtering and related methods 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Sala Menor
Chair: Roy Streit

  • (147) Christoph Degen, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang Koch - Tracking Targets with Multiple Measurements per Scan
  • (251) Praveen B. Choppala, Paul D. Teal, and Marcus R. Frean - Adapting the multi-Bernoulli filter to phased array observations using MUSIC as pseudo-likelihood
  • (404) LLennart Svensson, and Mark Morelande - Target tracking based on estimation of sets of trajectories
  • (91) Gustaf Hendeby, and Rickard Karlsson - Gaussian Mixture PHD Filtering with Variable Probability of Detection
  • (140) Hongyan Zhu, Tingting Ma, Shuo Chen, and Wen Jiang - A Random Matrix Based Method for Tracking Multiple Extended Targets

Multiple-model Filtering 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Room 0
Chair: Yaakov Bar-Shalom

  • (60) Rong Yang, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Jack Hong’an Huang, and Gee Wah Ng - Interacting Multiple Model Unscented Gauss-Helmert Filter for Bearings-only Tracking with State-Dependent Propagation Delay
  • (246) Rastin Rastgoufard, Vesselin P. Jilkov, and X. Rong Li - Incorporating World Information into the IMM Algorithm via State-Dependent Value Assignment
  • (378) Richard Linares, John L. Crassidis, and Moriba K. Jah - Space Object Classification and Characterization Via Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation
  • (153) Martin Michaelis, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang Koch - State Dependent Mode Transition Probabilities with an Application to Acceleration Dependency
  • (12) Guillaume Trehard, Evangeline Pollard, Benazouz Bradai, and Fawzi Nashashibi - Tracking both pose and status of a traffic light via an Interacting Multiple Model filter

Signal Processing 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Room 3
Chair: Murat Efe

  • (398) Qi Zhou, and Zhansheng Duan - Weighted Intersections of Bearing Lines for AOA Based Localization
  • (350) Sayandeep Acharya, Arjun Rajasekar, Barry S. Shendery, Leonid Hrebien, and Moshe Kam - Pulse Oximeter Signal Modeling and Fusion for Hypoxia Monitoring
  • (39) Ying-Gui Wang, Le Yang, Zheng Liu, Fu-Cheng Guo, and Wen-Li Jiang - Compressive Detection of Stochastic Signals with the Measurement Matrix not Necessarily Orthonormal
  • (164) Mitul Mehta, Elias J. Griffith, and Jason F. Ralph - Geometric Separation of Superimposed Images with Varying Fields-of-view
  • (211) Rodrigo González, Gustavo Sutter, and Héctor Daniel Patiño - Optimized UD filtering algorithm for floating-point hardware execution

PHD filtering and related methods 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Sala Menor
Chair: Roy Streit

  • (72) Tiancheng Li, Shudong Sun, Juan Manuel Corchado, and Ming Fei Siyau - A Particle Dyeing Approach for Track Continuity for the SMC-PHD Filter
  • (74) Tiancheng Li, Shudong Sun, Juan Manuel Corchado, and Ming Fei Siyau - Random Finite Set-based Bayesian Filters Using Magnitude-adaptive Target Birth Intensity
  • (411) Ali Önder Bozdoğan, and Murat Efe, Roy Streit - A New Heuristic for Multisensor PHD Filter
  • (43) Guanghua Zhang, Feng Lian, Chongzhao Han, and Suying Han - An Improved PHD Filter Based on Variational Bayesian Method for Multi-Target Tracking
  • (199) Michael Beard, Ba Tuong Vo, and Ba-Ngu Vo - Multi-target Tracking with Merged Measurements Using Labelled Random Finite Sets

Multiple-model Filtering 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Room 0
Chair: Wolfgang Koch

  • (133) Woo Chan Kim, Darko Musicki, and Taek Lyul Song - Adaptive Mode Transition Matrix for Variable Sampling Time
  • (149) Christopher K. Nebelecky, John L. Crassidis, and Puneet Singla - A Model Error Formulation of the Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Algorithm
  • (226) Abu Sajana Rahmathullah, Lennart Svensson, and Daniel Svensson - Merging-based forward-backward smoothing on Gaussian mixtures
  • (260) Li Wang, Yan Liang, Xiaoxu Wang, and Linfeng Xu - Gaussian Sum Filter for State Estimation of Markov Jump Nonlinear System

Signal Processing 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Room 3
Chair: Lance Kaplan

  • (172)Mayazzurra Ruggiano, Melanie Bocquel, and Hans Driessen - Multiple Model Sequential MCMC for Jump Markov Systems
  • (233) Iliana Papamarkou, Nikos Papamarkos, and Sofia Theochari - A novel image sharpening technique based on 2D-DWT and image fusion
  • (108) Montse Vilarrubí, Marcel Tresanchez, Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Juan Antonio Garriga, Francisco Clarià, Joan Julià-Muné, and Jordi Palacín - Time domain detection of pure vowel sounds for simplified computer interaction
  • (341) Ricardo Sanz, Pedro García, Pedro Castillo, and Pedro Albertos - Time-delay Compensation Using Inertial Measurement Sensors for Quadrotor Control Systems

Sensor Networks

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Room 5
Chair: Uwe Hanebeck

  • (386) John B. Collins, and Steven T. Smith - Network Discovery For Uncertain Graphs
  • (173) Alla Tarighati, and Joakim Jaldén - A General Method for the Design of Tree Networks Under Communication Constraints
  • (205) Haj Chhadé Hiba, Abdallah Fahed, Mougharbel Imad, Gning Amadou, Mihaylova Lyudmila, and Julier Simon - Multiple land mines localization using a wireless sensor network
  • (432) Qiang Liu, Xin Wang, and Nageswara S. V. Rao - Information Feedback for Estimation and Fusion in Long-Haul Sensor Networks

SS04-DFITS - Data Fusion in Intelligent Transport Systems

Session 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 1
Chair: Fernando Garcia

  • (65) Julien Moras, Véronique Cherfaoui, and Philippe Bonnifait - Evidential Grids Information Management in Dynamic Environments
  • (71) Gabriel Agamennoni, James R. Ward, Stewart Worrall, and Eduardo M. Nebot - Bayesian Model-based Sequence Segmentation for Inferring Primitives in Driving-behavioral Data
  • (86) Víctor Flores, Mario Mata, Javier Fernandez, Nourdine Aliane, and Enrique Puertas - A multi-agent, in-vehicle database recorder system for supporting traffic hotspots detection, geographical representation and analysis
  • (112) Jan Thomanek, and Gerd Wanielik - A New Pixel-based Fusion Framework to Enhance Object Detection in Automotive Applications
  • (138) Richard Matthaei, Gerrit Bagschik, Jens Rieken, and Markus Maurer - Stationary Urban Environment Modeling using Multi-Layer-Grids

Session 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Room 1
Chair: Fernando Garcia

  • (151) Nourdine Aït Tmazirte, Maan E. El Najjar, Joelle Al Hage, Cherif Smaili, and Denis Pomorski - Fast Multi Fault Detection & Exclusion Approach for GNSS Integrity Monitoring
  • (235) Germán Gutierrez, José Antonio Iglesias, Francisco Javier Ordoñez, Agapito Ledezma, and Araceli Sanchis - Agent-Based Framework for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Urban Environments
  • (257) Xavier Sevillano, Elena Màrmol, and Virginia Fernandez-Arguedas - Towards Smart Traffic Management Systems: Vacant On-Street Parking Spot Detection Based on Video Analytics
  • (282) Jean-Philippe Lauffenburger, Jérémie Daniel, and Mohammed Boumediene - Traffic Sign Recognition: Benchmark of Credal Object Association Algorithms
  • (292) C. H. Rodríguez-Garavito, A. Ponz, F. García, D. Martín, A. de la Escalera, and J.M. Armingol - Automatic Laser And Camera Extrinsic Calibration for Data Fusion Using Road Plane

Session 3

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Room 1
Chair: David Martín

  • (338) Dominik Nuss, Markus Thom, Andreas Danzer, and Klaus Dietmayer - Fusion of Laser and Monocular Camera Data in Object Grid Maps for Vehicle Environment Perception
  • (381) Jorge Othón Esparza-Jiménez, Michel Devy, and J. L. Gordillo - EKF-based SLAM fusing heterogeneous landmarks
  • (413) F. Garcia, A. Prioletti, P. Cerri, A. Broggi, A. de la Escalera, and J.M. Armingol - Visual Feature Tracking Based on PHD Filter for Vehicle Detection
  • (421) Ariel Vernaza, Agapito Ledezma, and Araceli Sanchis - Simul-A2: Agent-based Simulator for evaluate ADA Systems

SS06-CIF - Context-based Information Fusion

Session 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 4
Chair: Jesus Garcia

  • (41) M. Podt, M. Bootsvelda, Y. Boers, and F. Papi - Exploiting Imprecise Constraints in Particle Filtering Based Target Tracking
  • (49) Fernando Terroso-Saenz, Mercedes Valdes-Vela, and Antonio F. Skarmeta-Gomez - Design of an Event-based Architecture for the Intra-vehicular Context Perception
  • (170) Giuliana Pallotta, Steven Horn, Paolo Braca, and Karna Bryan - Context-Enhanced Vessel Prediction Based On Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes Using Historical AIS Traffic Patterns: Real-World Experimental Results
  • (422) Alan N. Steinberg, Christopher L. Bowman, Gary Haith, and Erik Blasch - Adaptive Context Assessment and Context Management

Session 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Room 4
Chair: James Llinas

  • (242) Alya Itani, Jean-Marc Le Caillec, Bassel Solaiman, and Ali Hamié - Hybrid Probability-Possibility Decision Support Systems for Merging Technical Indices
  • (259) Zhenlu Jin, Xuezhi Wang, Mark Morelande, William Moran, Quan Pan, and Chunhui Zhao - Landmark Selection for Scene Matching with Knowledge of Color Histogram
  • (344) Enrique Martí, Borja González, Alvaro Luis, Jesús García, José M. Molina, and Irene López García - Geographic context configuration in fusion algorithms for maritime surveillance
  • (349) David Griol, Jesús García-Herrero, and José Manuel Molina - A novel approach for data fusion and dialog management in user-adapted multimodal dialog systems
  • (354) Alberto Pérez, Pablo Chamoso, Víctor Parra, and Antonio Juan Sánchez - Ground Vehicle Detection Through Aerial Images Taken by a UAV

Session 3

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Room 4
Chair: Lauro Snidaro

  • (360) Enrique Martí, Jesús García, and José M. Molina - Navigation capabilities of mid-cost GNSS/INS vs. smartphone Analysis and Comparison in Urban Navigation scenarios
  • (380) Zhenlu Jin, Xuezhi Wang, William Moran, Quan Pan, and Chunhui Zhao - Efficient Scene Matching Using Salient Regions Under Spatial Constraints
  • (190) Claude Aynaud, Coralie Bernay-Angeletti, Roland Chapuis, Romuald Aufrère, Christophe Debain, and Nadir Karam - Real-Time vehicle localization using a top-down process
  • (431) Nayat Sanchez-Pi, Luis Martí, José Manuel Molina, and Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia - An Information Fusion Framework for Context-based Accidents Prevention

SS07-DMKDIF - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Information Fusion

Session 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 2
Chair: María José Martín Bautista

  • (54) Eduardo Correa Gonçalves - A Human-Centered Approach for Mining Hybrid-Dimensional Association Rules
  • (95) Miguel Ángel Abad,João Bártolo Gomes, and Ernestina Menasalvas - Recurring Concept Detection for Spam Filtering
  • (106) Mikel Galar, Edurne Barrenechea, Alberto Fernández, and Francisco Herrera - Enhancing Difficult Classes in One-vs-One Classifier Fusion Strategy using Restricted Equivalence Functions
  • (144) Zhun-ga Liu, Quan Pan, Jean Dezert, Gregoire Mercier, and Yong Liu - Fuzzy-belief K-nearest neighbor classifier for uncertain data
  • (160) Fabio Mazzarella, Michele Vespe, Dimitrios Damalas, and Giacomo Osio - Discovering Vessel Activities at Sea using AIS Data: Mapping of Fishing Footprints

Session 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Room 2
Chair: M. Dolores Ruiz Jiménez

  • (237) Ashley McAbee, James Scrofani, Murali Tummala, David Garren, and John McEachen - Traffic Pattern Detection Using the Hough Transformation for Anomaly Detection to Improve Maritime Domain Awareness
  • (290) Rafael Falcon and Rami Abielmona, and Erik Blasch - Behavioral Learning of Vessel Types with Fuzzy-Rough Decision Trees
  • (353) Vicenç Torra, Yasuo Narukawa, and Daniel Abril- Comparing fuzzy measures through their M¨obius transform

Session 3

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Room 2
Chair: Juan Gomez-Romero

  • (355) Sandra Escudero, Angel L. Garrido, and Sergio Ilarri - Obtaining Knowledge from the Web using Fusion and Summarization Techniques
  • (364) María N. Moreno García, Félix Martín González, and Javier González Robledo - Mining patient data from heterogeneous sources for decision making on administration of non invasive mechanical ventilation in intensive care units
  • (369) M. Dolores Ruiz, Juan G´omez-Romero, and Maria J. Martin-Bautista - Meta-Association Rules for Fusing Regular Association Rules from Different Databases
  • (426) Victor Aranda, Julio Calero, Francisco Comino, Arturo Montejo, and Jose-Maria Serrano - Knowledge fusion in the Agro-environmental Field: A Global Index for Soil Quality in Olive groves from Quantitative and Qualitative Variables

SS09-MT - Multistatic Tracking

Session 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Room 5
Chair: Garfield Mellema

  • (42) Wenbo Dou, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Peter Willett, and Xiufeng Song - Initialization and Tracking Using Doppler-Biased Multistatic Time-of-Arrival Measurements with Linear Frequency Modulated Waveforms
  • (117) Salvatore Maresca, Paolo Braca, Raffaele Grasso, and Jochen Horstmann - Multiple Oceanographic HF Surface-Wave Radars Applied to Maritime Surveillance
  • (127) Kolja Pikora, and Frank Ehlers - Tracking Performance Loss due to False Associations of Contacts from Semi-Coherent Signal Processing Chains
  • (132) Sofia Suvorova, Mark Morelande, Bill Moran, Sergey Simakov, and Fiona Fletcher - Ping scheduling for multistatic sonar systems
  • (225) Thomas Powers, Les Atlas, Evan Hanusa, and David W. Krout - Track to Track Fusion: PACsim Data Set

SS11-MDLT - Multi-target Detection, Localization and Tracking

Session 1

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Hans Driessen

  • (47) Thyagaraju Damarla, and W. C. Kirkpatrick Alberts II - Helicopter Tracking Using Acoustic Arrays
  • (63) Meiqin Liu, Tongyang Jiang, Xie Wang, and Senlin Zhang - Performance Comparison of Several Nonlinear Multi-Bernoulli Filters for Multi-Target Filtering
  • (123) Amirali K. Gostar, Reza Hoseinnezhad, and Alireza Bab-Hadiashar - Sensor Control for Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter
  • (136) Christian Heigele, Holger Mielenz, Joerg Heckel, and Dieter Schramm - Accurate and Fast Localization in Unstructured Environment Based on Shape Context Keypoints
  • (243) Khalid Yousif, Alireza Bab-Hadiashar, and Reza Hoseinnezhad - A Real-Time RGB-D Registration and Mapping Approach by Heuristically Switching Between Photometric and Geometric Information

Session 2

Wednesday, 9th July, 15.00 - 16.40, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Lyudmila Mihaylova

  • (161) Luis Úbeda-Medina, Ángel F. García-Fernández, and Jesús Grajal - Generalizations of the auxiliary particle filter for multiple target tracking
  • (171) Huilong Zhang, Benoîte de Saporta, and François Dufour - Optimal Trajectories for Underwater Vehicles by Quantization and Stochastic Control
  • (175) Mark E. Silbert, and Craig S. Agate - New Metrics for Quantifying Data Association Performance
  • (176) James Murphy, and Simon Godsill - Road-Assisted Multiple Target Tracking in Clutter
  • (183) Richard W. Osborne, III, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Jemin George, and Lance Kaplan - Data Fusion from Multiple Passive Sensors for Multiple Shooter Localization via Assignment

Session 3

Wednesday, 9th July, 17.10 - 18.50, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Mohsen Naqvi

  • (184) Nikolay Petrov, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Allan de Freitas, and Amadou Gning - Crowd Tracking with Box Particle Filtering
  • (186) G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, C. Fantacci, N. Forti, A. Farina, and A. Graziano - Distributed peer-to-peer multitarget tracking with association-based track fusion
  • (194) Kun Zhao, Mirko Meuter, Stefan Mueller-Schneiders, and Josef Pauli - A Novel Multi-Hypothesis Tracking Framework for Lane Recognization
  • (210) Liu Jing, Han DeQiang, Han ChongZhao, and Guo TongXing - Adaptive Compressed Sensing Based Joint Detection and Tracking Algorithm for Airborne Radars with High Resolution
  • (215) Yue Ai, Wei Yi, Mark R. Morelande, and Lingjiang Kong - Joint multi-target detection and localization with a noncoherent statistical MIMO radar

SS14-HMPBE - Homotopy Methods for Progressive Bayesian Estimation

Wednesday, 9th July, 11.50 - 13.30, Room 0
Chair: Uwe Hanebeck

  • (94) Kai Kang, Vasileios Maroulas, and Ioannis D. Schizas - Drift Homotopy Particle Filter for non-Gaussian Multi-target Tracking
  • (383) Jannik Steinbring, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - Progressive Gaussian Filtering Using Explicit Likelihoods
  • (389) Kristine L. Bell, and Lawrence D. Stone - Implementation of the Homotopy Particle Filter in the JPDA and MAP-PF Multi-Target Tracking Algorithms

Thursday, 10th July, 2014

Main track

Nonlinear filtering 1

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Sala Menor
Chair: T. Kirubarajan

  • (221) Korbinian Schmid, Felix Ruess, and Darius Burschka - Local Reference Filter for Life-Long Vision Aided Inertial Navigation
  • (52) Claude Jauffret, and Annie-Claude Pérez-Pignol - Cramér-Rao-type Lower Bound for a Time of Abrupt Change
  • (48) Carlos Huertas, and Reyes Juárez-Ramírez - Filter Feature Selection Performance: Comparison in High-dimensional Data A theoretical and empirical analysis of most popular algorithms
  • (405) Mustafa Fanaswala, and Vikram Krishnamurthy - Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Models For Target Tracking
  • (348) Carsten Fritsche, Emre Özkan, Lennart Svensson, and Fredrik Gustafsson - A Fresh Look at Bayesian Cram´er-Rao Bounds for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Filtering

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Sten Andler

  • (78) Zhuo Zhang, and Sanjeev R. Kulkarni - Detection of Shilling Attacks in Recommender Systems via Spectral Clustering
  • (128) Gautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal, Karamjit Singh, Auon Haidar Kazmi, Sapan Shah, and Avadhut Sardeshmukh - Prescriptive Information Fusion
  • (241) Dinh Phung, and Ba-Ngu Vo - A Random Finite Set Model for Data Clustering
  • (62) Simon Wagner - Combination of Convolutional Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machines for Radar ATR
  • (200) Lianmeng Jiao, Thierry Denoeux, and Quan Pan - Fusion of Pairwise Nearest-Neighbor Classifiers Based on Pairwise-Weighted Distance Metric and Dempster-Shafer Theory

Fusion Management

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Room 3
Chair: Subrata Das

  • (77) Keith Y. K. Leung, Felipe Inostroza, and Martin Adams - Evaluating Set Measurement Likelihoods in Random-Finite-Set SLAM
  • (207) Felipe Inostrozay, Keith Y. K. Leung, and Martin Adams - Semantic Feature Detection Statistics in Set Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • (250) Zheng Liu, and Erik Blasch - Statistical Analysis of the Performance Assessment Results for Pixel-Level Image Fusion
  • (277) Tim Kubertschak and Mirko Maehlisch, and Hans-Joachim Wuensche - Towards an unified architecture for mapping static environments
  • (314) Hanlin Yin, Jian Lan, and X. Rong Li - Ranking Estimation Performance By Estimator Randomization and Attribute Support

Nonlinear filtering 2

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Sala Menor
Chair: T. Kirubarajan

  • (288) Daniel P. Lubey, and Daniel J. Scheeres - Supplementing State and Dynamics Estimation with Information from Optimal Control Policies
  • (103) Timothy L. Molloy, and Jason J. Ford - Asymptotic Minimax Robust and Misspecified Lorden Quickest Change Detection For Dependent Stochastic Processes
  • (150) Rémy Lopez, and Patrick Danès - A Fixed-Interval Smoother with Reduced Complexity for Jump Markov Nonlinear Systems
  • (312) Julian Hörst - Analysis of Likelihood Approximations for Bearings-only Measurements
  • (197) Wuhua Hu, and Wee Peng Tay - Generalized Diffusion Adaptation for Energy-constrained Distributed Estimation

Fusion applications 1

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Room 3
Chair: Elisa Shabazian

  • (46) Pedro Luis Galdámez, Angelica Gonzalez Arrieta, and Miguel Ramon Ramon - Ear Recognition using a Hybrid Approach based on Neural Networks
  • (368) Bashar I. Ahmad, James Murphy, Patrick M. Langdon, and Simon J. Godsill - Bayesian Target Prediction From Partial Finger Tracks: Aiding Interactive Displays in Vehicles
  • (30) Heidy M. Marin-Castro, Víctor J. Sosa-Sosa, and Iván López-Arévalo - A Tree-Based WQI Modeling Approach for Integrating Web Databases
  • (289) R. O. Lane, M. Briers, T. M. Cooper, and S. R. Maskell - Efficient Data Structures for Large Scale Tracking
  • (156) Ryota Kikuchi, Takashi Misaka, and Shigeru Obayashi - Data Assimilation for POD Reduced-Order Model– Comparison of PF and EnKF

Nonlinear filtering 3

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Sala Menor
Chair: Wolfgang Koch

  • (327) Michael Roth, Gustaf Hendeby, and Fredrik Gustafsson - EKF/UKF Maneuvering Target Tracking using Coordinated Turn Models with Polar/Cartesian Velocity
  • (302) Melih Günay, Umut Orguner, and Mübeccel Demirekler - Approximate Chernoff Fusion of Gaussian Mixtures Using Sigma-Points
  • (34) Ondřej Straka, Jindřich Duník, and Miroslav Šimandl - Measures of Non-Gaussianity in Unscented Kalman Filter Framework
  • (393) Gang Qian, Khurram Shafique, and Ping Wang - Fusion of Nonlinear Motion Dynamics Using Fokker-Planck Equation and Projection Filter
  • (255) Linfeng Xu, Yan Liang, Feng Yang, and Quan Pan - Linearly Constrained Estimation via State Space Decomposition

Fusion applications 2

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Room 3
Chair: Elisa Shabazian

  • (110) Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Mercè Teixidó, Davinia Font, Antonio Pardo, Santiago Marco, and Jordi Palacín - Experimental application of an autonomous mobile robot for gas leak detection in indoor environments
  • (366) Christof Chlebek, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - Pole-based Distance Measure for Change Detection in Linear Dynamic Systems
  • (370) Leszek Kaliciak, Hans Myrhaugz, Ayse Goker, and Dawei Song - On the Duality of Specific Early and Late Fusion Strategies

SS09-MT - Multistatic Tracking

Session 2

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Room 5
Chair: Garfield Mellema

  • (256) Paolo Braca, Ryan Goldhahn, Kevin D. LePage, Stefano Marano, Vincenzo Matta, and Peter Willett - Cognitive Multistatic AUV Networks
  • (261) Zhao Kongrui, Zhou Gongjian, Yu Changjun, and Quan Taifan - Target Flying Mode Identification and Altitude Estimation in Bistatic T/R-R HFSWR
  • (339) Garfield R. Mellema - Feature-Aided Tracking in Dense Clutter Using the Clutter09 Data Set
  • (361) Piotr Krysik, Maciej Wielgo, Jacek Misiurewicz, and Anna Kurowska - Doppler-only tracking in GSM-based passive radar
  • (388) Xiaohua Li, Marcus Baum, Peter Willett, and Ya’an Li - Evaluation of the PMHT Approach for Passive Radar Tracking with Unknown Transmitter Associations

Session 3

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Room 5
Chair: Garfield Mellema

  • (50) David Frederic Crouse - Simulating Targets near a Curved Earth
  • (224) David W. Krout, and Thomas Powers - Sensor Management for Multistatics

SS11-MDLT - Multi-target Detection, Localization and Tracking

Session 4

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Lyudmila Mihaylova/Mohsen Naqvi

  • (217) Jemin George, Socrates Deligeorges, and George Cakiades - Multi-Shooter Localization using Finite Point Process
  • (227) Abu Sajana Rahmathullah, Lennart Svensson, and Daniel Svensson - Two-filter Gaussian mixture smoothing with posterior pruning
  • (269) Xionghu Zhong, Wenwu Wang, Mohsen Naqvi, and Eng Siong Chng - A Bayesian Performance Bound for Time-Delay of Arrival based Acoustic Source Tracking in a Reverberant Environment
  • (286) Ming Lei, Zhongliang Jing, and Peng Dong - Extended GM-PHD Filter For Multitarget Tracking in Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian System
  • (298) Benjamin Pannetier, Jean Dezert, and Geneviève Sella - Multiple target tracking with wireless sensor network for ground battlefield surveillance

Session 5

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Sala de Ensayos
Chair: Lyudmila Mihaylova

  • (305) Volkan Kılıç, Xionghu Zhong, Mark Barnard, Wenwu Wang, and Josef Kittler - Audio-Visual Tracking of a Variable Number of Speakers with a Random Finite Set Approach
  • (340) Ata-ur-Rehman, Syed Mohsen Naqvi, Lyudmila Mihaylova, and Jonathon A. Chambers - Multi-target Tracking by Using Particle Filtering and a Social Force Model
  • (345) Weifeng Liu, and Chenglin Wen - The Fast Linear Multisensor RFS-multitarget Tracking Filters
  • (427) Lan Jiang, Sumeetpal S. Singh, and Sinan Yıldırım - A New Particle Filtering algorithm for Multiple Target Tracking with Non-linear Observations
  • (244) Stephan Reuter, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, and Klaus Dietmayer - Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Random Finite Sets

SS12-ASPF - Advanced Sigma-Point Filters: Analysis, Sigma-Point Set Design, and Applications

Session 1

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Room 0
Chair: Jindrich Dunik

  • (33) Jindřich Duník, Ondřej Straka, and Miroslav Šimandl - On Sigma-Point Set Rotation in Derivative-Free Filters
  • (88) Jindřich Duník, Ondřej Straka, Miroslav Šimandl, and Erik Blasch - Comparison of Adaptive and Randomized Unscented Kalman Filter Algorithms
  • (97) Juho Kokkala, Arno Solin, and Simo Särkkä - Expectation Maximization Based Parameter Estimation by Sigma-Point and Particle Smoothing
  • (99) Ángel F. García-Fernández, Lennart Svensson, and Mark R. Morelande - Iterated statistical linear regression for Bayesian updates
  • (134) Xiaoxu Wang, and Quan Pan - Nonlinear Gaussian Filter with the Colored Measurement Noise

Session 2

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Room 0
Chair: Ondrej Straka

  • (148) Simo Särkkä, Jouni Hartikainen, Lennart Svensson, and Fredrik Sandblom - Gaussian Process Quadratures in Nonlinear Sigma-Point Filtering and Smoothing
  • (365) Igor Gilitschenski, Jannik Steinbring, Uwe D. Hanebeck, and Miroslav Šimandl - Deterministic Dirac Mixture Approximation of Gaussian Mixtures
  • (372) Yang Cheng, Yang Tian, and John L. Crassidis - Extension of the Sparse Grid Quadrature Filter
  • (373) Jian Lan, and X. Rong Li - Nonlinear Estimation by Linear Estimation with Augmentation of Uncorrelated Conversion
  • (392) Uwe D. Hanebeck - Sample Set Design for Nonlinear Kalman Filters Viewed as a Moment Problem

SS13-SSRM - Sensor Scheduling and Resources Management

Session 1

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Room 1
Chair: Alexander Charlish

  • (390) Xiangyang Liu, and John S. Baras - Using Trust in Distributed Consensus with Adversaries in Sensor and Other Networks
  • (37) Teun H. de Groot, Oleg A. Krasnov, and Alexander G. Yarovoy - Mission-driven Sensor Management based on Expected-Utility and Prospect Objectives
  • (121) Joris Sijs, Leon Kester, and Benjamin Noack - A study on event triggering criteria for estimation
  • (38) Teun H. de Groot, Oleg A. Krasnov, and Alexander G. Yarovoy - Mission-driven Resource Allocation based on Subjective Input with Extra Level of Uncertainty

Session 2

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Room 1
Chair: Leon Kester

  • (169) Hadi Jamali-Rad, Andrea Simonetto, Geert Leus, and Xiaoli Ma - Sparsity-Aware Sensor Selection for Correlated Noise
  • (222) John D. Glass, W. D. Blair, and Yaakov Bar-Shalom - Optimizing Radar Signal to Noise Ratio for Tracking Maneuvering Targets
  • (357) Leon Kester, and Maarten Ditzel - Maximising Effectiveness of Distributed Mobile Observation Systems in Dynamic Situations
  • (396) Vikram Krishnamurthy - Sensor Scheduling with Adaptive Sampling

SS15-DE - Directional Estimation

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Room 0
Chair: Gerhard Kurz

  • (87) Bryan Stanfill - Robust Statistical Methods for the Rotation Group
  • (113) Gerhard Kurz, Igor Gilitschenski, and Uwe Hanebeck - Deterministic Approximation of Circular Densities with Symmetric Dirac Mixtures Based on Two Circular Moments
  • (124) Ivan Marković, Mario Bukal, Josip Cesić, and Ivan Petrović - Direction-only tracking of moving objects on the unit sphere via probabilistic data association
  • (287) Igor Gilitschenski, Gerhard Kurz, Simon J. Juliery, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - A New Probability Distribution for Simultaneous Representation of Uncertain Position and Orientation
  • (300) Jean-Christophe Kucwaj, Georges Stienne, Serge Reboul, Jean-Bernard Choquel, and Mohammed Benjelloun - Circular multiple change-points estimation applied to the GPS-L2C phase signal

SS16-DFMILPO - Data Fusion Methods for Indoor Localization of People and Objects

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Room 4
Chair: Antonio Zea

  • (40) Philipp Müller, Matti Raitoharju, and Robert Piché - A Field Test of Parametric WLAN-Fingerprint-Positioning Methods
  • (58) Xiaoxue Feng, Hichem Snoussi, and Yan Liang - Constrained Extended Kalman Filter for Ultra-Wideband Radio based Individual Navigation
  • (139) Benjamin H. Groh, Martin Friedl∗, Andre G. Linarth, and Elli Angelopoulou - Advanced Real-time Indoor Parking Localization based on Semi-Static Objects
  • (311) Ricardo Anacleto, Lino Figueiredo, Ana Almeida, and Paulo Novais - Localization system for pedestrians based on sensor and information fusion
  • (278) Thomas Willemsen, Friedrich Keller, and Harald Sternberg - Concept for building a smartphone based indoor localization system

SS17-PRGBDDF - Probabilistic RGBD Data Fusion

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Room 5
Chair: Florian Faion

  • (83) Gerhard Kurz, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - 2D and 3D Image Stabilization for Robotic Beating Heart Surgery
  • (180) Timm Linder, and Kai O. Arras - Multi-Model Hypothesis Tracking of Groups of People in RGB-D Data
  • (334) Florian Faion, Antonio Zea, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - Reducing Bias in Bayesian Shape Estimation

SS18-ADKF - Advances in Distributed Kalman Filtering

Session 1

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Room 4
Chair: Benjamin Noack

  • (90) Jĭri Ajgl, Miroslav Šimandl, Marc Reinhardt, Benjamin Noack, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - Covariance Intersection in State Estimation of Dynamical Systems
  • (96) Jĭri Ajgl and Miroslav Šimandl - Linear Fusion of Estimators with Gaussian Mixture Errors under Unknown Dependences
  • (115) Felix Govaers, and Marianne Wilms - Distributed Bearings–Only Tracking Using the Federated Kalman Filter
  • (116) Wolfgang Koch, and Felix Govaers - On Decorrelated Track-to-Track Fusion based on Accumulated State Densities

Session 2

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Room 4
Chair: Marc Reinhardt

  • (247) Chee-Yee Chong, Shozo Mori, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang Koch - Comparison of Tracklet Fusion and Distributed Kalman Filter for Track Fusion
  • (281) Marc Reinhardt, Benjamin Noack, Sanjeev Kulkarni, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - Distributed Kalman Filtering in the Presence of Packet Delays and Losses
  • (336) Zhansheng Duan, X. Rong Li, and U. D. Hanebeck - Multi-sensor Distributed Estimation Fusion Using Minimum Distance Sum
  • (416) Benjamin Noack, Marc Reinhardt, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - On Nonlinear Track-to-track Fusion with Gaussian Mixtures

SS19-EOGT - Extended Object and Group Tracking

Session 1

Thursday, 10th July, 12:10 - 13:50, Room 2
Chair: Marcus Baum

  • (81) B. Errasti-Alcala, and P. Braca - Track Before Detect Algorithm for Tracking Extended Targets applied to Real-World Data of X-band Marine Radar
  • (152) Karl Granström, Antonio Natale, Paolo Braca, Giovanni Ludeno, and Francesco Serafino - PHD Extended Target Tracking Using an Incoherent X-band Radar: Preliminary Real-World Experimental Results
  • (154) Karl Granström, Stephan Reuter, Daniel Meissner, and Alexander Scheel - A multiple model PHD approach to tracking of cars under an assumed rectangular shape
  • (155) Pietro Morerio, Lucio Marcenaro, and Carlo S. Regazzoni - A Generative Superpixel Method
  • (167) Alexander Scheel, Karl Granströmy, Daniel Meissner, Stephan Reuter, and Klaus Dietmayer - Tracking and Data Segmentation Using a GGIW Filter with Mixture Clustering

Session 2

Thursday, 10th July, 15.20 - 17.00, Room 2
Chair: Dietrich Fraenken

  • (219) Huanlong Zhang, Shiqiang Hu, Lingkun Luo, and Xiaolu Ke - Object Tracking using 2DLPP Manifold Learning
  • (263) Jian Lan, and X. Rong Li - Joint Tracking and Classification of Non-Ellipsoidal Extended Object Using Random Matrix
  • (264) Lifan Sun, Jian Lan, and X. Rong Li - Joint Tracking and Classification of Extended Object Based on Support Functions
  • (266) Guanghua Zhang, Feng Lian, and Chongzhao Han - CBMeMBer filters for nonstandard targets, I: Extended targets

Session 3

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Room 2
Chair: Uwe Hanebeck

  • (268) Guanghua Zhang, Feng Lian, and Chongzhao Han - CBMeMBer filters for nonstandard targets, II: Unresolved targets
  • (276) Markus Schütz, Nils Appenrodt, Jürgen Dickmann, and Klaus Dietmayer - Multiple extended objects tracking with object-local occupancy grid maps
  • (310) Lifan Sun, Jian Lan, and X. Rong Li - Modeling for Tracking of Complex Extended Object Using Minkowski Addition
  • (315) Daniel Sigalov, Tomer Michaeli, and Yaakov Oshman - Simultaneous Tracking and Data Association in an Extended Maneuvering Target Using the IMM Methodology
  • (342) Antonio Zea, Florian Faion, and Uwe D. Hanebeck - Tracking Connected Objects Using Interacting Shape Models

SS20-TFI - Trust in Fused Information

Thursday, 10th July, 17.30 - 19.10, Room 1
Chair: Murat Sensoy

  • (59) Lance Kaplan, Murat Sensoy, and Geeth de Mel - Trust Estimation and Fusion of Uncertain Information by Exploiting Consistency
  • (118) Ulaş Yüksel, Hasan Sözer and Murat Şensoy, - Trust-based Fusion of Classifiers for Static Code Analysis
  • (181) Robert Canavan, Chidambar Ganesh, and Bill Matuszak - Evolution of Fusion in Navy Tactical Systems
  • (316) Zuxing Li, and Tobias J. Oechtering - Differential Privacy in Parallel Distributed Bayesian Detections
  • (387) S. Sikdar, S. Adalı, M. Amin, T. Abdelzaher, K. Chan, J.-H. Cho, B. Kang, and J. O’Donovan - Finding True and Credible Information on Twitter