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SS04 - Data Fusion in Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems is a wide researching field that focuses on the use of the modern IT technologies to provide advances in transport systems. During latest years new safer, more effective and user-friendly transport technologies are available thanks to the use of these technologies. 

The special session focuses on the state of the art technologies that, by means of data fusion techniques, provide solutions in the Intelligent Transport Systems field. Modern transport applications have to deal with very challenging scenarios where the fusion of different data sources is mandatory in order to provide reliable information. Road Safety, Autonomous Driving, Advance Driver Assistance Systems, Driver Monitoring, Public Transport Information, Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance... are technologies that deal with the fusion of great variety of data sources. 

Topics of interest

The research topics that may develop are within the following ones, all of them under the Data Fusion point of view:

  • Multi-modal ITS
  • Air, Road, and Rail Traffic Management
  • ITS User services
  • Transport Safety Systems
  • Driver and Traveler Support Systems
  • Data Fusion based sensing technologies in ITS
  • Cooperative Techniques and Systems
  • Environment Perception
  • Intelligent Techniques in ITS
  • Traffic Theory for ITS
  • Human Factors, Travel Behavior

Special Session Organizers

  • Fernando García, University Carlos III (Spain)
  • David Martín, University Carlos III (Spain)
  • Arturo de la Escalera, University Carlos III (Spain)
  • José Mª. Armingol, University Carlos III (Spain)

Special Session Contact

  • Fernando García ()