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SS08 - Intelligent Information Fusion

Research on Intelligent Systems for information fusion has matured during the last years and  many  effective  applications  of  this  technology  are  now  deployed.  The  problem  of Information  Fusion  has  attracted  significant  attention  in  the  artificial  intelligence community,  trying  to  innovate  in  the  techniques  used  for  combining  the  data  and  to provide new models for estimations and predictions. The growing advances of Information Fusion as rapid advances in sensor technology that provide context‐information has led to new  applications  in  different  environments  such  as  remote  sensing,  surveillance,  home care,  etc.  With  the  continuing  expansion  of  the  domain  of  interest  and  the  increasing complexity of the collected information, intelligent techniques for fusion processing have become  a  crucial  component  in  information  fusion  applications.  In  this  sense,  Intelligent systems can improve high level information fusion aimed at supporting decision making, or intelligent  information  management  This  special  session  provides  an  international  forum to present and discuss the latest scientific developments and their effective applications, to  assess  the  impact  of  the  approach,  and  to  facilitate  technology  transfer.  This  special session  provides  a  framework  to  present,  to  discuss,  and  to  disseminate  the  latest developments and the most important outcomes related to intelligent information fusion.

Topics of interest

This special session is aimed at discussing research to develop information fusion methods using  intelligent  systems.  These  methods  provide  information  fusion  systems  with advanced  capabilities  that  allow  them  to  have  a  dynamic  response  in  view  of  potential changing  situations  in  the  environment.  These  systems  are  appropriate  for  developing dynamic and distributed systems, as they possess the capability of adapting themselves to the users and environmental characteristics. Both theoretical and practical approaches in the area are welcomed. It will promote a forum for discussion on how Intelligent Systems and information fusion techniques,  methods,  and  tools  help  system  designers  to  accomplish  the  mapping between  available  technology  and  application  needs.  Other  stakeholders  should  be rewarded  with  a  better  understanding  of  the  potential  and  challenges  of  the  Intelligent Systems in the information fusion approach. This  special  session  intends  to  bring  together  researchers  and  developers  from  industry and  the  academic  world  to  report  on  the  latest  scientific  and  technical  advances  on  the application of intelligent systems for information fusion, to discuss and debate the major issues, and to showcase the latest systems


Intelligent systems,  Adaptive  fusion  system  architectures,  Hybrid  Intelligent  systems, reasoning techniques, real‐world applications

Special Session Organizers

  • Juan Manuel Corchado, University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Javier Bajo, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

Special Session Contact

  • Juan Manuel Corchado ()
  • Javier Bajo ()