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SS09 - Multistatic Tracking

This special session would focus on multistatic sonar and radar information fusion and target tracking algorithms.  Recent years have seen increasing interest in fusion and tracking algorithms for multistatic systems.  Challenges include the effective treatment of bistatic sensor nodes, non-linear measurements and false alarm overloading.  Recent progress in multistatic tracking has been facilitated by the Multistatic Tracking Working Group (MSTWG), an ad hoc working group currently operating under the auspices of the International Society of Information Fusion (ISIF).  The purpose of this working group is to evaluate a large variety of multistatic tracking algorithms available amongst group members on common data sets with common metrics.  The reporting of these results and other related multistatic topics has been of great value to MSTWG and ISIF in the form of numerous papers and participation during similar special sessions in previous FUSION conferences since 2006.   A special session on multistatic sonar/radar tracking at FUSION’14 will enable current MSTWG outputs and other contributions by others outside of this group to be documented.

Topics of interest

  • Use of measurements made in local sensor coordinates to track targets in a common coordinate system.
  • Use of multiple sensors to compensate for a low probability of detection at the individual sensor level.
  • Use of multiple sensors to compensate for high false alarm rate at the individual sensor level. (pre-detection fusion?)
  • Metrics to evaluate multistatic tracking.


Multi-sensor Multi-target Tracking, Target Localization, False Alarm Mitigation, Target Classification, Sensor Management & Control, Bistatics

Special Session Organizers

  • Garfield Mellema, Defense Research and Development Canada - Atlantic
  • Doug Grimmett, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Special Session Contact

  • Garfield Mellema ()
  • Doug Grimmett ()