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SS10 - Information Fusion in Multi-Biometric Systems

This session will focus on the latest innovations and best practices in the emerging field of multi-biometric fusion. Biometrics tries to build an identity recognition decision based on the physical or behavioral  characteristics of individuals. Multi-biometrics aims at outperforming the conventional biometric solutions by increasing accuracy, and robustness to intra-person variations and to noisy data. It also reduces the effect of the non-universality of biometric modalities and the vulnerability to spoof attacks. Fusion is performed to build a unified biometric decision based on the information collected from different biometric sources. This unified result must be constructed in a way that guarantees the best performance possible and take into account the efficiency of the solution. The topic of this special session, Information Fusion in Multi-Biometrics, requires the development of innovative and diverse solutions. Those solutions must take into account the nature of biometric information sources as well as the level of fusion suitable for the application in hand. The fused information may include more general and non-biometric information such as the estimated age of the individual or the environment of the background. This special session will be supported by the European Association for Biometrics (EAB). The EAB will provide technical support by addressing experts for reviews and will help with the dissemination and exploitation of the event. 

Topics of interest

  • Multi-Biometrics
  • Biometric fusion
  • Data-level fusion
  • Feature-level fusion
  • Score-level fusion
  • Fuzzy Fusion
  • Classification-based fusion
  • Combination-based fusion
  • Multi-Biometric Identification
  • Multi-Biometric forensics fusion
  • Soft biometrics fusion.

Special Session Organizers

  • Naser Damer, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research

Special Session Contact

  • Naser Damer ()