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SS11 - Multi-target Detection, Localization and Tracking

Multi-target detection, localization and tracking have many applications, such as surveillance, teleconferencing, intelligent transportation, animal tracking for behavioural analysis and human computer interaction. It is a very challenging problem and enormous efforts have been made to solve it. This special session calls for theoretical works in different domains of multi-target detection, localization and tracking with main focus on indoor environment. The call is open to everybody working in the area. Results from the EPSRC U.K. funded projects, “Bayesian Tracking and Reasoning over Time” and a very recently completed “Audio and Video Based Speech Separation for Multiple Moving Sources within a Room Environment” are also solicited for participation.


multiple target tracking, particle filters, multiple sensor data, sequential Monte Carlo, nonparametric priors, track fusion, uncertainty, multiple models, occlusion and  data association.

Special Session Organizers

  • Mohsen Naqvi, Loughborough University (United Kingdom)
  • Lyudmila Mihaylova, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
  • Jonathon Chambers, Loughborough University (United Kingdom)

Special Session Contact

  • Mohsen Naqvi ()
  • Lyudmila Mihaylova ()
  • Jonathon Chambers ()