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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Welcome to the 17th International Conference on Information Fusion, FUSION 2014; welcome to the premier global gathering for exchanging the latest advances in our field of research and all of the applications for our research.

This year we are blessed to have our conference hosted in the wonderful city of Salamanca, Spain.  I hope all of us will have the opportunity to explore not only the city and everything it has to offer, but also the surrounding area.  This is the first time that Spain has been the host for FUSION, and I hope it will repeat sometime in the future.  The university is at the heart of the city that includes an artistic richness with its cathedrals, palaces, churches, and overall architecture.  Please take some time away from the conference and explore this beautiful city.

Information fusion continues to grow and mature as a critical technology, and its range of applications is ever increasing.  Whether it is high fusion or low fusion or something in between, the arena is broad and deep.  In this day and age, our technology is more in demand than ever.  Leverage to the fullest extent the opportunity that this gathering and event provide to learn, discuss, and network by building or strengthening relationships.

I want to thank the entire organizing team here in Salamanca, and in particular, the Executive Chair, Jesus Garcia and the Executive Co-Chair, Jose Manuel Molina.  I know how much work they have put into this effort, and it will be appreciated by all of the attendees.  However, this conference and our society would not be where it is today without all of us.  We are FUSION!  Never stop exploring, researching, and asking questions.

Darin T. Dunham

President, International Society of Information Fusion